Played By: Swifty


Kit: Swiftkit

Apprentice: Swiftpaw

Warrior: Swiftfur


Mentor: Applestar

Apprentice(s): None Yet


Swiftfur is a marble bengal cat. His pelt is a mixture of different shades of brown and his marbled stripes are black as night. His eyes are his best feature because they are a bright sky blue all the time. He is very muscular but is lean so he can run fast. Hence his name, Swift.


Swiftfur is a very brave and determined tom cat. He is always willing to go on dangerous missions and is very curious, even as a young warrior. He has amazing fighting skills and is a pretty good hunter but can get impatient sometimes. He is quite the charmer when it comes to the she cats and he is always flirting when he isn't out on patrol.



As a kit, Swiftfur was always getting into trouble. He was the one that was trying to talk the other kits into going on an adventure and breaking the rules.
He could get into trouble doing anything and was always eager to get out of the nursery and learn new things. He wanted more than anything to be the
best warrior there ever was in Windclan. But wasn't that every kits dream?


When Swiftfur was an apprentice, him and Leafwhisker were best friends. Though they had been friends since they were kits, they became very close while they were training as apprentices. Leafwhisker was always the better hunter while Swiftfur was the better fighter. The only time that Swiftfur could catch things was when he chased them down or when he dug them out of the burrows. He was always rather determined. But Leafwhisker usually brought home the bacon. Swiftfur dedicated most of his time to training for battle. He was fast and strong so he was a natural born fighter. He had never lost a fight against Leafwhisker and he never let her forget that. But she would always sneak up behind him and scare him which she never let him forget.


Swiftfur is now a young warrior and he is loving every minute of it. He loves going out and taking care of his clan. He is always eager to go on missions and is a good friend of Applestar as well. He is always willing to put his life on the line for his clan. He can have a temper though and when he does he can get into fights easily if pushed to far. But most of the time he can handle his emotions. He hopes to one day become deputy or at least be one of the best fighters in all of Windclan.


Swiftfur didn't have any siblings but he did have a mom and dad that were warriors of Windclan as well. His dad was one of the most well respected warriors in all of the clans and his mom was very caring and brave. His parents were both killed in a border battle when he was a young apprentice and it was a very hard time for Swiftfur because he didn't have anyone else. Leafwhisker had helped him through his parents death the most and their friendship grew because of it. Now he doesn't like to talk about it because he doesn't like to think about it. He has put the past behind him and hopes that it will never come back.