Played By: Summer-kun !


Kit: Sagekit

Apprentice: Sagepaw

Warrior: Sagestorm


Mentor: Unknown

Apprentice(s): Unknown


Sagestorm is a rather lean looking tomcat. He looks to be about the size of a large-sized apprentice, without his fur and weight. Luckily, Sagestorm is healthfully skinny, so no ribs are showing or anything. Sagestorm, is a black cat. Because of him being younger, Sagestorm's fur is a deep jet-black, which usually proves to be more of a curse than helpful, especially since he is not a warrior, and does not hunt much. Sagestorm's fur itself, is fluffy. When touched, it feels like a fluffy cloud in the midnight sky. He is an American black Longhair.

His eyes, shine a pale, emerald green. They are like two, pale emeralds that sit in his eye-sockets. Some say that Sagestorm's eyes are the only nice thing about the grouchy Medicine Cat. Ah, wondering about the foot, hmm? Well, our poor Sagestorm was born with it. Yep, that's right. Sagestorm is a tad deformed. His front left paw, is severely twisted, never giving Sagestorm a chance at even being a normal apprentice. Lastly, two seasons ago- there was a fire. A horrible fire that raged through the Shadowclan camp. While trying to save the Catmint, Sagestorm took in quite a lot of Smoke, and forever damaged this throat- giving Sagestorm a tad bit of a raspy, but surely deeper, painful voice.


Sagestorm is a cranky cat. There is not even the slightest doubt that he may be in fact, crankier than the crankiest elder. Yes, our Medicine Cat is bitter and sour. He doesn't enjoy cats asking him questions, for Sagestorm finds it highly annoying. While Sagestorm is quite intelligent, he is also very ignorant and arrogant. Sagestorm doesn't like to take orders from anyone- even his own leader Mistystar. In many ways, Sagestorm is nothing but a childish, rebellious kit with power and high-intelligence.

Surprisingly, Sagestorm is a strong believer in Starclan. He does not blame Starclan for his deformed leg, and secretly, wonders if they did this on purpose. Sagestorm is a master interpreter of Omens and Prophecies, as well as Diagnoses. While Sagestorm is probably one of the best Medicine Cat's the Forest has seen in a long time, Sagestorm is probably one of the worst behaved ones ever to walk this path. Meaning, he is terrible to work with. Obviously, he chooses to be the way he is, and most likely never will either.

Sagestorm is rude and blunt. He is not one to usually care about others feelings, and more of how exactly, how they physically feel. As he has told many of his patients, "I'm a Physical Healer, not a Mental One." Sagestorm sometimes seems to enjoy annoying (Noname)star, as if she is his plaything. Why is this? As I have stated before Sagestorm is nothing but a childish kitten who enjoys rebellion just a little too much.



Sagestorm was born in Shadowclan, to the two young warriors known as Nightfur and Cinderflower. Nightfur had the rebellious streak of a troubled kit, while Cinderflower was young and naive. They had just recently become mates, and didn't expect to have kits for a long time. Obviously, things didn't go as expected. Sagekit's birth wasn't a very smooth one. During the kitting, his two siblings were too weak, and died within hours of their birth. Now with Sagekit, somehow during his kitting, his back, left leg was deformed forever.Though his very young parents tried their best to give their only living son the most normal life as possible- it prevailed. Sagekit was very intelligent, and always knew he was different than any other kit in the Nursery. Sadly, when it came his time for his apprenticeship, he was completely oblivious that he would never be able to become a Warrior. Sagekit wanted to go through with his training anyways. His parents pitied their only son, but convinced him that his effort would be fruitless in the end.

Instead, Sagekit was chosen to become next in line of Medicine Cats in Shadowclan. He was intelligent, witty, and had the courage as well. Even if down inside, Sagekit still wanted to be a Warrior, he had that gut feeling that Starclan had chosen him for this profession. Sagepaw's mentor was caring and smart, and she loved Sagepaw, as if he were her own, even with his grouchy and completely nonchalant attitude.


Sagepaw was a quick learner. By the age of ten moons, he had already helped successfully deliver a litter of kits. He was so proud of himself, and knew then, that he was right so many moons ago, about Starclan choosing him as the next Medicine Cat. He felt the sensation of being able to do something that not many cats could- secrets that only Starclan and Medicine Cat's knew. Sure, helping others was there too.. Just not as high on the list.

Medicine Cat LifeEdit

Four moons later, Sagepaw received his Medicine Cat name of Sagestorm. His name, obviously came from his stormy attitude. Only three moons later, did the newly-named Sagestorm's mentor retire. Though Sagestorm did miss her, he did also appreciate her for letting him work by himself. Something he had been looking forward to for eleven moons.

Four moons later, Sagestorm discovered that Cinderflower and Nightfur were pregnant again! Sagestorm predicted about three kits, although it was difficult to tell at such an early time. While he was happy for his parents, he was a little saddened that he wasn't going to be their only kit anymore. Sagestorm watched enviously as his parents prepared for a second pregnancy. Cinderflower stopped going on so many patrols, and started eating much more. She got as big as a badger, it seemed! And with her coming kits, she acted like one as well.

Nine moons later, Cinderflower gave birth to her second litter. Obviously, Sagestorm was there, since he was the one delivering them! With three, perfectly healthy kits delivered, Sagestorm concluded that this was the happiest he had ever seen his parents. Because of him doing such a good job, Sagestorm got to name one of the kits. It was a a very pale gray speckled tom whom he named Mothkit. It surprised everyone, how Mothkit could be such a pale kit could be the kit of such two dark cats.

The other two kits, were pretty she-cats. The eldest, was a jet-black named Ravenkit, and a dark gray one named Stonekit. Sagestorm took a special bond to Mothkit, however. He was much like Sagestorm. Nonchalant and smart. The two brothers got along well, and would talk all the time. At Mothkit's sixth moon, Sagestorm hoped more than anything that Mothkit would choose to follow the same path as Sagestorm.

He didn't, however.

Mothkit chose to be a Warrior. While Sagestorm was disappointed, he knew he needed to give the chance that was once stolen away from him long ago. So, Mothpaw started his Warrior training, for both brothers. Sagestorm was so proud of his brother, and hoped that Mothpaw would be the greatest Warrior ever. And by the way, he was well on his way to it. Mothpaw was a gifted Warrior and Fighter.

Two moons later, a border fight broke out, which happened to contain Nightfur, Ravenpaw, Mothpaw and another warrior. Nightfur was bitten in the leg, while Mothpaw was scratched in the belly. While Nightfur lay useless on the ground, Ravenpaw tried her best to defend him. This resulted in her being bitten in the throat, and died within minutes. Mothpaw went for the killer's throat, blinded with rage. The other warrior, had the others retreat, and had to practically drag Mothpaw off the warrior.

Sagestorm was horrified by the news, and was enraged with the clan in which was responsible for Ravenpaw's death, and Nightfur becoming a cripple. Sagestorm became engrossed with his work, completely ignoring the outside world.

Even Mothpaw. A couple of moons later, a fire broke out in the forest where Sagestorm wad collecting herbs. Sagestorm was caught in the fire, and was nearly killed. During the fire, he inhaled way too much smoke, and dried out his throat. His recovery was swift, but even now, Sagestorm has a dry, raspy voice.


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