Created By: Leafwhisker


Kit: Reedkit




Reedkit is an adorable little calico kit. She has murky green eyes.


Reedkit is adventurous. She looked up to her brother, Volepaw and usually followed his lead.



"You know you're not supposed to leave the nursery!" Moonkit called after her littermates, angrily, "You're gonna get in big troubles!" Their brother, Volekit, stopped running and turned around. "Moonkit you're such a tattle-tale. You're not our mother, leave us alone!" he hissed, "You're so bossy so don't know how to have fun!" "Yeah!" Reedkit sneered, following Volekit's lead, "You're the most boring cat in all the clans." "Am not!" Moonkit stamped her tiny foot indignantly. "Wait for me, I'm coming too." Her brother cackled and fell to the ground, rolling around. Reedkit rolled her eyes and continued walking. Moonkit lept over her brother and followed. After a short while of walking, the river came into veiw. Moonkit stopped and stared at the large expanse of water. "Wow!" she breathed, "It's so big!" Her brother nodded as he headed for the shore. "Be careful!" screeched Moonkit as he leaped and scrabbled onto the slick stone closest to shore. Reedkit giggled and followed Volekit, "Oh mouse-dung. Here she goes again," she complained, "Don't worry, we've done this lots before." Suddenly, Volekit lept at Reedkit. They wrestled playfully on the slippery surface for awhile. Finally, the two decided they were bored. "Let's go. We don't want mother to notice we're gone," Volekit suggested. He lept for the shore and dug his tiny claws into the bank, heaving himself to dry land. He shook his pelt dry and turned to watch his sister. Reedkit took a deep breath, waggeled her haunches and soared through the air.

SPLASH! Cold water seeped into her fur. "REEDKIT!" Moonkit screeched. Reedkit churned her paws in helplessly in the water, desperatley trying to swim to the surface. Finally, she reached the top. She broke through the waves, gasping for air. She let out a yowl as the water began to tug her back down. She tried again to reach the surface, but she was so tired...and it was so far away. She tried to convince herself to keep fighting, but it was just so easy to let the darkness overtake her...


Brother: Volepaw


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