Played By: Rain


Kit: Rainkit

Apprentice: Rainpaw


Mentor: Dawnsky


Rainpaw was the smallest out of all of her siblings. This didn't really bother her too much though. After all, she couldn't really tell. Even though she is an apprentice now (just made an apprentice, really), she is still very small. When standing beside other apprentices, most cats tend to think she is a kit. Again, this doesn't seem to bother her. Her paws are very small, making is easy to take delicate steps towards prey or another cat. Rainpaw's legs, although short, are very strong. She can easily outrun any cat who isn't in WindClan.

The apprentice's light gray fur is rather fluffy and short. When Rainpaw fluffs out her fur it makes her almost twice her size, which would amuse her sisters and brother. There isn't much else to say about her fur. The only thing left to say is it is the same color of her father, Stonewhisker's, pelt.

Eyes. Everyone is intrigued by Rainpaw's eyes. Why? The small apprentice is blind. Cloudy blue orbs. Misty? Not really. They're more of a cerulean blue. A rather pretty color for a blind cat, no? Because she is blind, Rainpaw's other senses are much more advanced than any other cats. Touch, taste, smell, and hearing. This makes it much easier for her to locate herbs. Being unable to see, Rainpaw hasn't ever seen the world around her except in dreams.


Rainpaw is a very happy cat. She is kind, gentle, and intelligent. This has changed quite a bit though since her whole family left her. She used to mope around the nursery, her tail and head low, not seeming to want anything to do with life. When she became medicine cat apprentice, Rainpaw's whole life seemed to change. Happiness became one of her personality traits.

Not only is the medicine cat apprentice happy, she is very helpful. She is constantly trying to help out other cats. If she's nowhere to be seen, then she's most likely helping other cats. Some of her favorite cats to help with or be with are the elders. They see past her blindness, and accept her for who she is. Rainpaw enjoys taking care of them and hearing all of the stories they tell. Her siblings hadn't really visited the elders much when they were kits, but she is making up for all of those lost memories now.

Rainpaw is also very quiet. When talking to someone, she will most likely just sit their quietly, letting them pour themselves out to her. If she believes it is the right time for her to speak, she will. It really depends on how she's feeling if she's speak though.

The apprentice is almost always in a good mood, but once she gets upset, there's hardly anything that can calm her. The kind she-cat looses sense of reality, and becomes very sharp-tongued. Her temper is surprisingly fiery, a trait most likely from her mother.



Everything began was a ginger tabby she-cat named Rosefoot and a gray tom named Stonewhisker. Both were loyal warriors of WindClan, and had been with WindClan their whole lives. The two grew up as friends. Mentor and apprentice actually. Stonewhisker has mentored Rosefoot when she was Rosepaw. Once Rosefoot became a warrior, not long after she became a queen. The two thought everything would be perfect.

Moons later, four kits came. Sandpaw, a ginger tabby tom who was the oldest, Poppykit, a ginger tabby she-cat, Lilykit, another ginger tabby she-cat, and Rainkit, a light gray she-cat. From the start, Rainkit stood out greatly compared to her siblings. All were ginger tabbies like their mother. Except Rainkit. All had green or brown eyes like either Rosefoot or Stonewhisker. Except Rainkit. All had a great looking future as warriors. Except Rainkit

Rainkit was the kit who didn't seem to have much of a future. Sandkit, Poppykit, and Lilykit would all be great warriors and Rainkit wouldn't. Why? Why was Rainkit the one who wouldn't be able to do anything? Rainkit was blind. Nobody knew why Rainkit was blind. Her parents had lived almost perfect lives, hadn't they? She was the only one who didn't care about her "disability". The tiny kit knew that she would be able to find her right place in the Clan eventually.

During her third moon of living, Lilykit, Poppykit, and Rosefoot all caught greencough. Sadly, all of the she-cats ended up joining StarClan. This left Sandkit and Rainkit with Stonewhisker. Sandkit, not wanting anything to do with his blind sister or father, ran away to RiverClan. Stonewhisker felt very guilty about this, and committed most of his time to being with his only kit. Rainkit grew very close to Stonewhisker in this time. They were the only ones left for each other.

Only a few days before her apprenticeship, Stonewhisker joined StarClan because of a fox on the territory. Rainkit didn't know what to do with herself. She spent most of her time curled up in the corner of the nursery whimpering. Once she became the medicine cat apprentice, Rainkit finally found more meaning to life. She decided then to devote her life, even though she was blind, to helping and healing her Clan.


When Rainpaw attended her first Gathering, she was told that her only remaining kin, Sandpaw, had joined StarClan. She is unaware how though. Rainpaw doesn't let this fact bother her now though. The new apprentice is aware that her Clan needs her more than anything else does now.


- Rosefoot {ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes; mother; deceased}

- Stonewhisker {gray tom with dark brown eyes; father; deceased}

- Sandpaw {ginger tabby tom with dark brown eyes; brother; RiverClan; deceased}

- Poppykit {ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes; sister; deceased}

- Lilykit {ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes; sister; deceased}