Created By: Leafwhisker


Kit: Petalkit

Apprentice: Petalpaw

Warrior: Petalfrost


Mentor(s): Unknown

Apprentice(s): Unknown


Petalfrost is a light gray tabby with a sleek coat. She has with shining hazel eyes. She is lean and agile.


Petalfrost is a very tempormental she-cat. She is really grouchy and if you say the wrong thing at the wrong time, she might snap. She only trusts cats from WindClan and hates cats from all other clans.



Petalfrost was born into a small litter of two kits, Leafwhisker and herself. Her mother, Treepelt, cared for them deeply, but never payed much attention to them because she was distressed over Mudfur's recent death.


Petalfrost was grouchy from the moment she started training. Her mentor never wanted to train when she actually felt like it, which forced her to train on her mentors time. During her apprenticehood, her mother Treepelt died from greencough. After her mother's death, she and her sister, Leafwhisker, grew closer.


Petalfrost and Leafwhisker spent most of their time together; when Leafwhisker wasn't with Swiftfur, that is. The were very close. During a battle with RiverClan, Petalfrom was killed.


Mother: Treepelt

Brother: Mudfur, Unknown Tom (Deceased)

Sister: , Stillborn

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