Played By: Leafwhisker


Kit: Moonkit

Apprentice: Moonpaw

Warrior: Moonwhisker


Mentor: Unknown

Apprentice(s): None Yet


Moonwhisker has a sleek grey/blue pelt with darker tabby stripes. She has caring green eyes and an unusual white cresent moon shaped marking on her left haunches.


Moonwhisker is a shy, gentle young she-cat. She is very caring, especially towards kits. All she's ever wanted was to be a mother and she can't wait to have her kits.



"You know you're not supposed to leave the nursery!" Moonkit called after her littermates, angrily, "You're gonna get in big troubles!" Her brother stopped running and turned around. "Moonkit you're such a tattle-tale. You're not our mother, leave us alone!" he hissed, "You're so bossy so don't know how to have fun!" "Yeah!" her sister sneered, "You're the most boring cat in all the clans." "Am not!" Moonkit stamped her tiny foot indignantly. "Wait for me, I'm coming too." Her brother cackled and fell to the ground, rolling around. Her sister rolled her eyes and continued walking. Moonkit lept over her brother and followed. After a short while of walking, the river came into veiw. Moonkit stopped and stared at the large expanse of water. "Wow!" she breathed, "It's so big!" Her brother nodded as he headed for the shore. "Be careful!" screeched Moonkit as he leaped and scrabbled onto the slick stone closest to shore. She held her breath as her sister followed. "Oh mouse-dung. Here she goes again," her sister complained, "Don't worry, we've done this lots before." Moonkit watched nervously from the shore as her brother tackled his sister and they wrestled on the wet stone. Finally, the two decided they were bored. "Let's go. We don't want mother to notice we're gone," her brother suggested. He lept for the shore and dug his tiny claws into the bank, heaving himself to dry land. He shook his pelt dry and turned to watch his sister. She waggeled her haunches and soared through the air.

SPLASH! Moonkit leaped up in horror. "REEDKIT!" she screeched, dashing to the shore. Her brother was staring helplessly at the place where Reedkit had dissapeared. Moonkit glanced around frantically. A few fox-lengths down the river, she spotted a tiny head poking out of the waves, gasping for air. A yowl of helpless terror echoed off the trees. Moonkit raced down the river towards her sister, but the churning waters had already tugged her back into their icy grip. Moonkit's mind raced. Her brother still stood at the edge of the river, staring at the water. Moonkit turned and raced towards camp. "MOTHER, MOTHER!" she wailed as she dashed through the entrance. "MOTHER! HELP!" Her mother rushed over too her to console her, asking what was the matter. Several curious clanmates gathered around. "It's...It's Reedkit!" she cried, "She fell into the RIVER!" Instantly, the clan was in action. Alarm flooded her mothers face, and she raced out of camp. Moonkit was about to follow, but she whirled around and snarled, "Stay put."

Moonkit waited anxiously as a patrol left to search for Reedkit. Her mother returned after a short time with her brother, whose pelt was soaked to the bone. She groomed her kit and glanced up often to see if the patrol had returned her precious kit. As the sun was sinking low into the sky, a solemn patrol returned to camp. Moonkit's mother leaped eagerly to her feet. Her brother continued to stare at the ground. The first two cats parted to reveal the third cat, who had a small, limp, wet body by the scruff. Her mother let out a wail of pain. "Reedkit! Oh Reedkit, no!"


"From this day on you shall be known as Moonpaw and Volepaw." Moonpaw trembled with excitement as the clan chanted her new name. Her brother sat next to her, silent and unmoving. He hadn't spoken much since the day of the accident. Sometimes he mumbled to himself in inaudiable tones, but no one knew what he was saying. She hardly heard as her leader announced their mentors; she was too preoccupied trying to keep still.

After the ceremony, Moonpaw looked everywhere for her brother, but he had vanished. She finally found him, sitting by the river's edge, hanging his head. She left him alone. She understood how he must feel. Reedkit should've been with them today.

As Moonpaw settled in her new nest in the apprentice den, Volepaw wandered in, muttering to himself. "Volepaw, are you okay?" Moonpaw questioned. Volepaw turned around rapidly. His eyes burned with malice. Suddenly he stood still, the anger faded from his face, and he was left blinking, looking slightly confused. Moonpaw hunkered down in her nest and didn't say anything else, just watched as her brother laid down and drifted into a restless sleep.

Several moons passed. The pair was close to become warriors. Moonpaw was often found visiting the new litter of kits in the nursery. Volepaw was frequently found by the river, mumbling quietly. One evening, Moonpaw and Volepaw's mentors approached Moonpaw. "Why don't you go and fetch Volepaw," his mentor suggested, "And we'll all go out on patrol." Moonpaw nodded eagerly and raced to the river, where she knew her brother would be. This time, he was not by the river, though. He was sitting on a stepping stone. The very stone Reedkit had fallen from. Moonpaw kept closer to hear her brother. This time, he was not mumbling. "I'm so sorry, Reedkit. It was my idea to play on the stepping stones. You deserve to be a warrior, not me. I don't even deserve to be an apprentice." Volepaw paused and stood to his feet. Moonpaw smiled as Volepaw spoke again, "I will see you soon, Reedkit." She waited for her brother to leap to shore. She would meet him and they would go on patrol together. Her brother prepared to leap, but at the last second, world around and jumped in the other direction. Moonpaw jumped to her feet, her heart racing, as her brother plunged into the water. What was he doing?! "Volepaw! Swim!" she cried as she raced to the water's edge. But Volepaw didn't even try to fight the waves. In a matter of seconds, he dissapeared under the water. Moonpaw waited for him to resurface. He never did.


A moon after Volepaw's death, Moonpaw was made a warrior. As her clan chanter her new name, Moonwhisker, she couldn't help thinking that Volepaw should be with her. She made a vow that she would never loose anyone she loved ever again. If it were a battle, perhaps she would understand. But not like this. Not so unexpectedly.

Eventually, Moonwhisker fell in love with a RiverClan tom. She had always loved kits and wanted to be a queen so bad. The day she gave birth to Talonkit and Mousekit was the happiest day of her life. They were so playful and adventurous, she couldn't help but see Volepaw and Reedkit in them.


Sister: Reedkit (Deceased)

Brother: Volepaw (Deceased)

Son: Talonkit

Daughter: Mousekit

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