Played By: Leafwhisker


Kit: Leafkit

Apprentice: Leafpaw

Warrior: Leafwhisker


Mentor: Unknown

Apprentice(s): None Yet


Leafwhisker is a beautiful brown tabby maine coon with shimmering green eyes. She has long flowing brown hair with black stripes. Though her thick fur (unusual for a WindClan cat) makes her appear larger, she is actually thin and wiry underneath. She has long legs, good for running across the open moor.


Leafwhisker is bold and outgoing. She speaks her mind and is not the type to think things through before she says them. She is very opionated and optimistic. She is extremely loyal to WindClan and loathes all who are not. She is less then friendly when it comes to speaking to cats from another clan. She is entergetic and friendly (to those loyal to WindClan that is). Her greatest joy is running across the moor with all her speed just as the sun is rising above the hills.



Leafkit was born and raised in WindClan by a skinny brown she-cat named Treepelt. In her litter was one other kit, a gray tabby called Petalfrost. She had an older brother named Mudfur, but he was killed by another cat long before he was born. The two sisters were never told who their father was, much to Leafwhisker's regret.


Leafpaw was trained by a strong and loyal warrior. This warrior was like a father to Leafpaw. He cared for her like she was one of his own kits. He taught her well and made her to become the warrior that she is today. During her apprenticeship, her mother, Treepelt, died of greencough. Leafpaw was heartbroken. Her mentor helped her to work through this, as did Petalpaw. They were brought closer together and became inseperable.


Leafwhisker was made a warrior shortly before the her very first battle. In this battle, both her mentor and sister were killed. Leafwhisker nearly had a breakdown, sick of all the death clan life seemed to bring. She busied herself with her clan duties and used the friendship of her clanmates to recover from her grief. It helped to know that her family was watching over her from StarClan. She does her best to make them proud so they will welcome her when the day comes for her to join them.


Mother: Treepelt (Deceased)

Brother: Mudfur (Deceased)

Sister: Petalfrost (Deceased)