Played by: Rain


Kit: Kestrelkit

Apprentice: Kestrelpaw


Mentor: Honeypelt

Appearance Edit

Kestrelpaw is a rather small brown and black striped tabby tom. His paws, chest, and tail tip are all white. He has coloring from both his mother and father. Brown from Mallowfot and black from Blackwhisker. He has light and dark brown stripes along with black stripes running together, making a really unique pattern of stripes. The white coloring on his fur is the only thing that makes him stand out significantly much compared to his kin. Not many other cats have a pelt like his. His pelt i the average length of a shorthaired cat's fur, but it is thick enough to keep him warm in the snow, rain, or chilly weather.
Kestrelpaw has the same pale green eyes as his brother, Nightpaw. Neither Mallowfoot or Blackwhisker, their parents, had pale green eyes. They both had dark green eyes, Mallowfoot's eyes being closer to emerald green. His eyes almost always have a joyful look in them. The only times they don't are when he happens to be really upset.
Even though Kestrelpaw is a medicine cat, he does have a scar. It's along his right shoulder. The tom got it from Nightpaw when he was trying to save him. Nightpaw had been on the Thunderpath, wailing for Kestrelpaw and Sootpaw. The two younger brothers hurried to get their older brother, hoping he would be all right. Nightpaw had been so in shock, his claws were unsheathed when he grabbed Kestrelpaw's shoulder. He pulled and pulled, trying to find his paws, leaving the long scar on Kestrelpaw's shoulder.


Kestrelpaw just… goes with the flow, I guess you can say. Being caring, cheerful, and gentle all really help with being a medicine cat apprentice.
The young tom is always thinking about the best of others. He is constantly trying to help others, wether they're from ThunderClan or not. Kestrelpaw seems to care more about others than himself. He is always very gentle with the other cats, and he expresses his truly caring side when he's with them. Kestrelpaw is very sympathetic and empathetic.
Although Kestrelpaw seems to have many good traits, he does have flaws. If he becomes frustrated, he becomes a different cat. He generally keeps to himself, and listens. It tends to intimidate other cats, even though Kestrelpaw doesn't really want to intimidate them. Kestrelpaw will reply with "nothing" and "fine" a lot when he's upset. The tone is definitely different from any other nothing or fine though. He also nods a lot, and really just keeps to himself. If he keeps his anger bottled up for too long though, the medicine cat will burst. Generally, Kestrelpaw only gets upset when he's alone with Sootpaw.
Kestrelpaw is the best friend of Sootpaw, his only brother. The two's parents are in some unknown place and their other brother, Nightpaw, is now with StarClan. Sometimes, Sootpaw has nightmares about the two's parents or brother, and Kestrelpaw is usually there to comfort him.



Nine moons ago, Kestrelpaw joined ThunderClan as Kestrelkit. Kestrelkit had two brothers, Nightkit and Sootkit, who both had black pelts and green eyes. The only difference was Sootkit's eyes were a paler green. Mallowfoot, a brown she-cat, was their mother, and Blackwhisker, a black tom, was their father. Nightkit and Sootkit would always be playing together, but Kestrelkit would spend his time in the medicine den, watching Honeypelt take care of other cats. Kestrelkit did everything he could to help Honeypelt. He had always wanted to be a medicine cat. The brown and black tabby tom would always be at Honeypelt's side, trying to memorize the herbs and what their use was. His brothers wanted him to become a warrior with them, but Kestrelkit knew he wanted to be a medicine cat.


The three were made apprentices, Nightpaw, Sootpaw, and Kestrelpaw. Nightpaw and Sootpaw were training to be warriors, and Kestrelpaw was training to be a medicine cat. For the first half moon, the three's training was going well. Suddenly though, Mallowfoot and Blackwhisker went missing from the camp. Panic had filled Kestrelpaw and his brothers, and the three snuck out of camp to find the two warriors. They followed the scent trail to the ShadowClan border. Kestrelpaw and Sootpaw were too afraid to continue into the territory, but Nightpaw decided to follow them. He ran out onto the Thunderpath, and was hit by a monster. Kestrelpaw and Sootpaw got him back to ThunderClan territory, but in the process, Nightpaw managed to scar Kestrelpaw's right shoulder in his panic. When back in ThunderClan territory, Kestrelpaw did everything he could to help his older brother. It was too late though. Nightpaw had joined StarClan. Neither Kestrelpaw or Sootpaw knew what happened of their parents. Really, they forgot about them after this upsetting incident.
Kestrelpaw and Sootpaw mourned for about a moon. Kestrelpaw sees Nightpaw in his dreams a lot. He gets to talk and play with his brother, as if they still lived in the same Clan. Every now and then, Sootpaw has nightmares about Nightpaw. Any time this happens, Kestrelpaw is there to comfort him.


- Mallowfoot {brown she-cat with green eyes; mother; location unknown}

- Blackwhisker {black tom with green eyes; father; location unknow}

- Nightpaw {black tom with dark green eyes; brother; deceased}
- Sootpaw {black tom with pale green eyes; brother}

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