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(c) Ezra


Color Code: 05E1DA



38 Moons

Played By: Ezra


Kit: Icekit

Apprentice: Icepaw

Warrior: Icegaze

Leader: Icestar


Mentor(s): Badgerfang

Apprentice(s): Jaywing


Icestar's main fur color is an ashen gray. She has dark gray feet, muzzle, and tail tip. Her ear tips, and underbelly are pure white. Her coat is of medium length, and she keeps is silky smooth. Her eyes, which are the reasons behind her warrior name, are an icy blue.

Icestar is of a powerful build, though she has little desire to fight. Her legs and shoulders are rippling with muscles, and she stands fairly tall for a she-cat.


Despite her appearance, Icestar doesn't jump to fighting as a solution to problems. She would much rather find a peaceful way to do things. Her even temper and calm composure aids her in her quest for peace.

Even though she is of a peaceful nature, Icestar doesn't hesitate to attack if it is necessary. An example would be an attack on her Clan. Icestar is fierce in battle and isn't someone you want as an enemy.

Icestar does have flaws though. She has a difficulty keeping her voice even when riled, and her temper under control. She has gotten better at this over the moons, and it shows. She keeps herself under control most of the time. Icestar also has a bad habit of judging a book by its cover, or in other words, a cat by it's looks. She doesn't mean to and catches herself most of the time.



Icekit was born around sun-high about 36 moons ago in green-leaf. Her mother was an ashen she-cat with green eyes; her father was a large black tom with a white underbelly and dark blue eyes. Her mother's name was Smokefur, and her father's name was Blackpelt. Brownfur, the medicine cat of the time, helped Smokefur give birth to three healthy kits. One was a jet black tom. Another was a gray she-cat with white ear tips. And the last was a dark gray she-cat with even darker gray feet, muzzle, ear tips, and tail tip. This was Icekit.

Six moons later, two of the three kits were ready to become apprentices. The gray she-cat with the white ear tips died during leaf-bare; she had caught greencough and wasn't strong enough to pull through.


The jet black tom had been named Nightkit, and of course the other was Icekit. The apprentice ceremony was held just before night fall. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath the High Rock for a Clan meeting!" Whitestar's voice echoed around camp. "Okay, mom! We got to go now!" Nightkit wailed at Smokefur to stop licking him. Icekit laughed silently as her brother wiggled out from underneath their mother's paws. Icekit flicked her tail for him to come one, and then she padded up to the High Rock and sat down. Whitestar's voice echoed out again. "We are gathered to name two new apprentices." He spoke to everyone, but then looked at Icekit. "Icekit, from this moment on, you will be known as Icepaw." "Badgerfang, you are ready for an apprentice. You will mentor Icepaw." Icepaw squealed and ran over to Badgerfang. She reached up and touched nose's with him. His amber eyes gleamed as their eyes meet. Icepaw was glad she got Badgerfang as her mentor; the other clans sometime mistook him for a badger. Nightpaw got Ambereye as his mentor.

Over the course of the next few moons, Icepaw and Nightpaw trained together a lot, seeing as they were the only apprentices beside Cedarpaw, but he was going to be a warrior soon. Icepaw and Nightpaw were exactly the opposite in build. Icepaw was large and built like your average tom, while Nightpaw was small and built like your average she-cat. Despite this, Nightpaw was had the strong fighting ability, but Icepaw had most of the brains.

Five moons into training, Cedarpaw became a warrior, Cedarpelt. The night of his vigil, a fox creep into camp and almost got away with a kit. Cedarpelt chased off the fox, and the kit was saved.

A moon after, the three kits in the nursery became apprentices. Owlpaw, Ashpaw, and Redpaw were the new apprentices. Even though Nightpaw and Icepaw were going to be warriors soon, they were still happy when the new apprentices joined them in the apprentices den.


Two moons later, Nightpaw and Icepaw where named warriors. Their ceremony took place right before night fall. Whitestar sat atop the High Rock and called out his summons. As the two littermates approached the High Rock, Smokefur and Blackpelt sat the front, looking proud of their kits. "I, Whitestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turns." Whitestar looked down at the apprentices again. "Icepaw, Nightpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your lives?" "I do," Icepaw and Nightpaw spoke in unison. "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names." He looked at Nightpaw first. "Nightpaw, from this moment you will be known as Nightclaw. StarClan honors your courage and loyalty, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan." Icepaw could see her brother tremble a little as Whitestar jumped down off the High Rock anStarClan his muzzle against his forehead. Nightclaw licked his shoulder. Stepping back, Whitestar gathered his breath before addressing Icepaw. "Icepaw, from this moment you will be known as Icegaze. StarClan honors your wisdom and your determination, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan." Icegaze wanted to jump around like a kit, but she kept her composure and licked Whitestar's shoulder when he laid his muzzle on her head. "Nightclaw! Icegaze! Nightclaw! Icegaze!" The two new warriors swelled with pride, but they kept their mouths shut. They would have to sit a silent vigil tonight.

Icegaze and Nightclaw didn't spend much time together as warriors, but they both went about their duties all the same with the occasional sharing of tongues or prey. Icegaze was content with her life at the moment, but dreamed of having an apprentice of her own. One of the queens, Goldenheart, had just given birth to a litter of three about a moon ago, and Icegaze had her hopes high.

About four moons into her warrior duties, a fox was scented in ThunderClan territory. A patrol made up of Icegaze, Nightclaw, Blackpelt, and the deputy, Robinwing, went out to drive off the fox. After finding the fox in a small clearing, they surrounded the fox, leaving the only escape toward the Thunderpath marking the border with ShadowClan. Jumping out of the bushes, Icegaze and Robinwing attacked the foxes shoulders while Blackpelt and Nightclaw attacked its flank. Caught off guard, the fox bolted forward. Everyone except Blackpelt let go of the fox. Realizing he wasn't with them the patrol pelted after the fox When they caught up with the fox, it had Blackpelt pinned beneath it. Screeching, Icegaze leaped at the fox, but to late the fox had sunk its teeth into her father's neck. In not even a moment, Nightclaw and Robinwing joined Icegaze in the second attack. This time no one was left hanging onto the fox, and a screech was heard a moment later with a thud. When they checked on Blackpelt, he was already dead. Icegaze and Nightclaw yowled in sorrow. Robinwing soothed them and began to lift Blackpelt onto her back. Icegaze helped her and Nightclaw followed behind.

Three moons after her father's death, Goldenheart's kits were ready to be apprenticed. Icegaze walked to the apprentice ceremony with a bounce in her step, and she sat down next to Nightclaw in the front. "Don't get to big a happy head. There are plenty of more experienced warriors." Nightclaw whispered in her ear. Icegaze ignored him and looked up expectantly at her leader. "We are gathered to welcome three new apprentices into ThunderClan." His eyes locked on a ginger tom with a white chest. "Flamekit, from this moment you will be known as Flamepaw. Cedarpelt, you are ready for an apprentice." After the two touched noses, Whitestar continued. "Jaykit, from this moment you will be known as Jaypaw." Icegaze's heart skipped a beat when Whitestar's eyes landed on her. "Icegaze, even though you are a new warrior, I feel that you are ready for an apprentice. You will mentor Jaypaw." Icegaze had to resist jumping up and bouncing over to Jaypaw like a kit. As she stood up to go greet her apprentice, she felt the entire Clan looking at her and thanked StarClan she wasn't leader. When she touched noses with Jaypaw, she was reminded of her apprentice ceremony. She suddenly felt overwhelmed of with the duty to pass on all her knowledge to this young cat. As the last kit was named and given a mentor, Jaypaw was immediately asking for something to do. Icegaze, uncertain of what to do, told him that they were going to explore the territory.

Three moons after Icegaze received Jaypaw as an apprentice, Nightclaw's mate, Redear, gave birth to their first litter. There were two healthy she-cats in the litter. The tom was pure white with black ear tips and tail tips. The she-cat was jet black like Nightclaw. Icegaze was happy for her brother and Redear, but she knew that she would never want to have kits or take a mate. She just didn't feel like that was her thing.

Three moons later Jaypaw was given his warrior name, Jaywing. Icegaze was proud of him, and during his ceremony, Icegaze felt a sudden urge to want to be up on High Rock, naming apprentices, welcoming warriors, and even retiring warriors into the elder's den. She glanced over at the elders den, she could see her former mentor Badgerfang over there, and she was surprised to see him looking back with a hint of pride in his eyes. She dipped her head to him and looked back at Jaypaw licking their leader's shoulder. When Whitestar glanced a look her way, she knew that she was going to his next deputy; Robinwing was soon to retire.

Deputy Life:Edit

Three moons afterwords, there was a lot going on. Nightclaw's kits were to be apprentices, Robinwing was to retire, and a new deputy was to be appointed. Icegaze was nervous, because Whitestar had confronted her a few days ago about being the next deputy. Icegaze accepted, though she was a bit hesitant. She figured she would be leader soon after since Whitestar was down to two lives.

Whitestar leaped atop High Rock during Sunhigh. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the High Rock for a Clan meeting!" Icegaze was sitting outside the warriors den when the summons was called. It was only after everyone else had gathered around that she heaved herself up on her paws and padded over to sit beside Nightclaw and Redear. "Today is a busy day for ThunderClan," Whitestar called down, "First, we will welcome two new apprentices." With that said, Whitestar motioned for the two kits to approach the High Rock. "Blackkit from this moment you shall be known as Blackpaw. Longwhisker, you are ready for an apprentice. You will mentor Blackpaw" After the two touched noses, Whitestar continued the ceremony. "Poppykit, from this moment you will be known as Poppypaw." Icegaze was confused when his gaze rested on her. "Icegaze, you are ready for another apprentice. You will mentor Poppypaw." Icegaze was shocked that she was chosen to mentor another apprentice so soon, and Poppypaw was her niece too! Icegaze felt honored. After sitting next to Longwhisker and Blackpaw, Whitestar continued speaking. "Today, Robinwing will join the elders, " Whitestar's gaze rested on Robinwing, "Robinwing, is it your wish to give up the name of a warrior and go join the elders?" "I do," Robinwing answered. "Your Clan honors you and all the service you have given us. I call upon StarClan to give you many seasons of rest." Robinwing nodded and padded over to Badgerfang, Ambereye, and Smokefur. "And now I must appoint a new deputy," his gaze rested on Icegaze once again, "I say these words before Robinwing so that she may hear and approve my choice. Icegaze will be the new deputy of ThunderClan." Icegaze stood up and glanced over at Robinwing who gave her a nod of approval. "Thank you Whitestar; I never expected to become deputy. I shall try my best to be a good deputy."

Icegaze was deputy for 12 moons and during that time a lot happened. Goldenheart had another litter, one of which became a medicine cat apprentice, she was named Shrewpaw. Poppypaw received her warrior name, Poppydawn. Nightclaw got an apprentice. Smokefur, her mother, died from greencough. Badgerfang died from a mysterious cause. Perhaps because he has old. Brownfur died from a battle wound she received during an attack from ShadowClan. Shrewpaw had to be named by Whitestar; she became Shrewfur, in honor of Brownfur. During the ShadowClan attack, Whitestar lost a life, leaving him with one. On the eleventh moon of her deputyship, Whitestar contracted greencough which he did not recover from. He lost his last life on a leaf-bare night.


The day following, Shrewfur and Icegaze traveled to Highstones so Icegaze could receive her nine lives and name. Icegaze recieved her nine lives from Smokefur, Blackpelt, Badgerfang, Brownfur, her littermate that died from greencough, three other warriors who died, and Whitestar.

The newly named Icestar traveled back to camp with confidence. She immediately appointed Ashcloud as her deputy. She was Icestar, leader of ThunderClan. She would do anything to protect her Clan from the dangers it would surely face.


Mother: Smokefur (Deceased)

Father: Blackpelt (Deceased)

Sister: Unnamed (Deceased)

Brother: Nightclaw

Neice: Poppydawn

Nephew: Blackdawn

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