Played By: Hawky


Kit: Hawkkit

Apprentice: Hawkpaw

Warrior: Hawkclaw

Leader: Hawkstar


Mentor(s): Unknown

Apprentice(s): Shimmerpaw


Muscular brown tabby tom with white on his bottom jaw and green eyes. Four long scars run across his chest and one across his right eye from when he says he was attacked by a dog on the border...


Hawkstar is a born leader, he is calm and cool-headed. He is kind and can always be relied on, but inside he has quite a bad temper and he has a moderately short fuse, so isn't to be messed with.




Hawkpaw was an apprentice always ready to learn. His mentor was tough on him but Hawkpaw always pestered him to teach him more. He proved to be an incredible fighter and was also a great hunter.


Hawkstar was even more skilled as a warrior then he was as an apprentice. He fought in a few battles and border fights and proved his fighting skills, pushed himself to find prey even in the toughest leafbares and, the event that gave the leader at the time the last piece of evidence he needed that Hawkclaw should be deputy, he fought and killed a fox with the help of Blacktalon, a Shadowclan cat, that had made a nest on the RiverClan/ShadowClan border. This also made Blacktalon deputy and friends with Hawkclaw. Fell in love with a ThunderClan she-cat, Soulbound and had a kit, Sinkit with her.



Son: Sinpaw

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