Played By: Applestar


Kit: Gingerkit

Apprentice: Gingerpaw

Warrior: Gingerheart


Mentor: Unknown

Apprentice(s): None Yet


Gingerheart is a beautiful bengal warrior. She is light brown with black stripes all over her body. She has light green eyes.


Gingerheart is an excited, bubbly warrior. She is really playful and gets along great with her den mates. She is friendly to all cats, even those from a different clan.


Gingerheart was bubbly from the moment she was born. As a kit, she always wanted something to do. She loved playing with the other kits in the nursery. Gingerkit was always hyper. She would keep her mother awake at night because she wouldn't settle down.


As an apprentice, Gingerheart thought she had the best possible mentor. She always worked hard when training to become the best warrior possible. Along the way, she managed to make a best friend, Ashpaw.



After becoming a warrior, Gingerheart fell in love with Ashcloud.


Mate: Ashcloud

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