Foxheart is a red-ish ginger she-cat, she is hardly mentioned for Fishleap's sake.

Kithood: Edit

As a kit, she would only play by herself or visit Twigwhisker in the Medicine cat den.


She was apprenticed to Twigwhisker, five moons after her brother was born.

Medicine cat hood:Edit

Was skeptical of her new apprentice and refused to give her an officail clan name.

Moons later Peachheart's only surviving kit, Hawkkit,had greencough, Foxheart did everything she could but the kit died, thinking it was her fault she jumped the gorge in a suicide-attempt.Fishleap hates to talk about her, because it makes him sad.

She is later seen playing with Hawkkit in starclan.


Brother: Edit


Mentor: Edit



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