Yellow tiger cat-1

Played By: Rain


Kit: Foxkit

Apprentice: Foxpaw

Warrior: Foxflower


Mentor: Redheart



Foxflower is a very lean she-cat. Most other cats find this odd, considering RiverClan cats are generally on the larger side. Her legs are the average length of any cat her size. Although they may be the same size, they are probably much more powerful than your average cat. All of her practices of swimming are what cause this. The young she-cat loves swimming. If she sees a river or lake, most likely within the next few heartbeats she'll be swimming in it. The strength in her legs makes it easy for her to climb trees, even if she doesn't do that regularly. Although they're very strong, they still look the average size of any she-cat.
Foxflower's fur is ginger. There are very few darker ginger stripes or patches, which is why she isn't considering a ginger tabby. The only few darker marks are the few lines on her forehead. Her fur is short, which makes it easier for her to swim because it doesn't hold her down. The bottom of her muzzle (or chin) is white. Her belly is a very light ginger, making it almost seem white.
Her eyes are amber, just like Gingerstream and Goldenstep's eyes. Although both the tom and she-cat had amber eyes, Foxflower was the only one of her siblings to have amber eyes, which really surprised Gingerstream and Goldenstep.


Foxflower is extremely loyal, protective, and feels a commitment to her Clan. She would never turn her back on her Clan, no matter the circumstance (unless her kits were in d*nger). Easily, Foxflower would give her life for her Clan. If anything, or anyone, is posing some sort of danger to her kin, you really wouldn't want to deal with her. She becomes extremely defensive, which can be quite terrifying. Foxflower is extremely loyal to, not only her Clan, but her best friends, Thrushflight and Dustflower. If either of them told her something important that wasn't to be shared, you can count on her to keep it quiet.
Gentle, caring, friendly. Qualities you would want in a queen. Well, those are the qualities Foxflower has. She hardly ever says "thank you" if you tell her she did something greatly. The queen'll come up with some reason why it turned out that way. Even towards cats in other Clans, she is very friendly. Although, she isn't friendly to rogues, kittypets, or loners.
When Foxflower is upset, she becomes very intimidating. She sometimes raises her voice, but most of the time, her voice is so cold it scares other cats. Foxflower will sit there, flicking her tail tip while her emotions are building up. Once she reaches the peak though, she blows. It isn't a pretty sight. She is also sometimes selfish. When someone joins StarClan she truly cares about, she thinks they are leave her, not their whole Clan. If Thrushflight is paying attention to another she-cat, Foxflower can easily become jealous. From that moment until sundown she'd be with Thrushflight wherever he went.



Gingerstream, a ginger she-cat, and Goldenstep, a ginger tabby tom, were both loyal warriors of RiverClan. They grew up together as kits, then apprentices, and finally warriors. Gingerstream eventually became a queen and had three kits. Orangkit, a ginger tabby tom, Foxkit, a ginger she-cat, and Morningkit, a ginger she-cat. The three kits got along greatly together, except when Orangekit was being bossy. When they were four moons old, Gingerstream had to tell that that Goldenstep joined StarClan. Only Gingerstream knew why. None of the three even knew.


In six moons, the three became apprentices. Orangepaw, Foxpaw, and Morningpaw. Foxpaw was mentored by a slender ginger tom named Redheart. He was really intimidating at first, but over time, Foxpaw grew to know her mentor as one of her best friend.
On a patrol with Redheart, Morningpaw, and Grayfang, a gray tom, Morningpaw's mentor, they realized the river had overflowed. Morningpaw got to close to the edge of the water, and was swept away. Foxpaw had run alongside the river, wailing her sister's name while Redheart and Grayfang swam beside Morningpaw, trying to get her to safety. Once the two warriors got the small apprentice to the riverbank, it was too late. Poor little Morningpaw had joined StarClan. Foxpaw and Orangepaw mourned with their mother for many moons over the loss of Morningpaw.


After more moons of training, Foxpaw and Orangepaw became warriors. Orangestripe and Foxflower. Joining the warriors in the warriors' den, Foxflower and Orangestripe got to know them all better. Foxflower was almost always by Orangestripe's side now, which the others found kind of odd. After a while, Foxflower drifted away from Orangestripe's side and strengthened friendships with other cats.
After a few moons, Foxflower grew close to Dustflower, a dusty brown she-cat (who is also the medicine cat), and Thrushflight, a dark brown tom. Orangestripe told her time and time again that she was crazy. The ginger tabby didn't like the fact that his sister was with a, in Orangestripe's opinion, rather annoying tom all of the time. He was afraid it would change her personality. Foxflower ignored him, and stayed with Thrushflight.
In a battle the next moon, both Orangestripe and Gingerstream joined StarClan. Foxflower mourned for many moons. Her brother had only been a warrior for about three moons. The ginger she-cat grew even closer to Dustflower and Thrushflight, feeling she needed close friends.
Moons later, Foxflower became a queen of RiverClan.


- Gingerstream {ginger she-cat with amber eyes; mother; deaceased}
- Goldenstep {ginger tabby tom with amber eyes; father; deceased}
- Morningpaw {ginger she-cat with light brown eyes; sister; deceased}
- Orangestripe {ginger tabby tom with dark brown eyes; brother; deceased}
- Beechkit {red tabby she-cat; daughter}

- Briarkit {brown tabby she-cat with green eyes; daughter}

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