Firestorm-SC Warrior copy

(c) Ezra


Color Code: EA6A07


16 moons

Played By: Ezra


Kit: Firekit

Apprentice: Firepaw

Warrior: Firestorm


Mentor: Unknown

Apprentice(s): Unknown


Firestorm isn't like your average ShadowClanner. His main fur color is a bright ginger, and it shines like fire in strong sunlight. Along his body are darker ginger stripes, which signify that he is indeed a ginger tabby. He has white on with chest that extends all the way down his tummy and partly on his tail. He also has white on his right eye that connects to his white right cheek. Firestorm's eyes are a light amber.


Firestorm's personality is just as his name suggests. He is very short tempered, and does nothing to hide so. In most situations, he doesn't realize he should hold his tongue. He is known to be held back from Gatherings that are predicted to go bad. He is often stuck up and arrogant; he thinks he is better than everyone else.

Firestorm is very sarcastic, and he often temps the other Clans at border patrols to start skirmishes. He is pretty battle hungry and he craves the next battle.

Firestorm is very loyal to his Clan, however. Through all his decision, the decisions that his leader makes that he doesn't agree with, and his sarcastic mouth, he would never betray his Clan. That doesn't mean that he doesn't want to be leader though. He dreams of ruling ShadowClan with an iron paw; he knows, however, that his leader knows best (most of the time) and he won't challenge if he is never made deputy.



Firestorm was born at moon high in the middle of leaf bare. His father was a dark orange with a white underbelly yellow eyes; his name was Darkflame. His mother was a bright sandy color with white patches on her face and amber eyes; her name was Sandpelt. Sandpelt was asleep when her contractions started. She was the only queen in the nursery at the time. Her yowls of agony woke the whole camp, and Darkflame was the first one in the nursery. Snowfoot, the medicine cat, follwed soon after with no herbs. "Where are the herbs?" Darkflame question the black medicine cat. "You can't give a queen herbs during birth. She needs to be able to feel when the kits are coming, and herbs could harm the kits." Darkflame was quiet after that. When moonhigh was nearing, the first kit, a




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