Played By: Dusty


Kit: Duskkit

Apprentice: Duskpaw




Dark fur coloring, cannot really tell what color it is.


Thirteen moons ago, a young tom was born to two happy parents. Although, the mother, revieling to be a brown furred cat, left her son at the Thunderclan border. The father was crushed, but he realized this was not supposed to happen. He understood and returned to his own territory, the female as well, to Riverclan.

The small kit was found at the border by a nursing queen that had her one kit, and decided to take him in. She decided to name him Duskkit, for his bulky body and dark fur. Although, the father of the queen's kit was not very pleased with this intruder. The queen, revieled as Ewestep, showed mercy to Duskkit, and still kept him.

Six moons later, the now six moon old kit stood up at his leader, Icestar, and beamed as he was givin his apprentice name, Duskpaw, and was givin no mentor. He was crushed at this, but then discovered that another kit was brought into the Clan, Sinkit. He was instantly going to be one of his best friends, he could just see it.

So, he ran free without a mentor for six moons. No big deal, right? Wrong, he needed guidence in the ways of Thunderclan. He noticed Sinkit become an apprentice, Sinpaw, and taught him a bit. He couldn't help but becoming a show-off.

Since a few moons before, he had wanted to join Riverclan to be with his favorite warrior, Thrushflight. He didn't have the guts to do so, so he stayed with Thunderclan.

He felt out of place when a silver she-cat noticed him across the river, then his Clanmate, Sinpaw, arrived. Duskpaw went into hiding until he was found out. Both toms were rushed into the stream, and both managed to swim to the bank. Then, the dusky apprentice ran away from the both of them, and felt almost, Windclan. Once Sinpaw announced he was leaving for Riverclan, Duskpaw decided to tag along, for he felt more Riverclan than anything.

His mother, Dustflower, then told him that they were kin, but when she was a warrior, since she became a warrior first, then medicine cat.

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