Former Clan: RiverClan


Kit: Brackenkit

Apprentice: Brackenpaw

Warrior: Brackentail

Leader: Brackenpelt


Mentor: Unknown

Apprentice(s): Unknown


Brackenstar is well-built and rather large, like many RiverClan cats are. His fur is white with brown tabby patches. He has large amber eyes.


Brackenstar was known for his knowledge. At the time, he was said to be the wisest cat in the forest. He was good to his clan, and the other clans as well. He was peaceful, he liked to avoid a battle at all costs.



Brackenkit was smart, even as a young kit. He was still as onry as any other young kit is, however.


As an apprentice, Brackenpaw caught on very quickly. He was easy to teach and eager to learn.


Brackentail's warriorhood was short lived. He was given an apprentice shortly after his warrior ceremony, much to the aggrivation of older warriors. He was a good teacher and he loved his apprentice. It was also obvious that he cared deeply for his clan. Shortly after Brackentail's apprentice became a warrior, the RiverClan leader proclaimed Brackentail deputy.

Deputy LifeEdit

Brackentail shined as RiverClan deputy. The entire clan loved him, spare a few senior warriors that were still sore from the apprentice thing. He was compassionate and decisive, a true leader.


When the RiverClan leader died, Brackentail began to worry, as every leader-to-be likely does. Would he be good enough for his Clan? But he proved himself time and time again. Brackenstar was considered, even by cats of other clans, to be the wisest cat in the forest. He lost his final life, in the end, during a horrid leafbare, when he came down with a terrible case of green cough.

Life in StarClanEdit

Brackenstar watches over his clan, just as he did when he was still leader.


This cat has no known family.

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